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Marie Curie
The Story
Marie Curie was a great physicist and chemist. She was born in Poland. She and her sister wanted to study in Poland but the collage was only for man. They was poor and shewanted to study and first her sister Bronya went to France to study for be a doctor and Marie worked as a teacher in Poland to sent money to her sister. When her sister finished as a doctor she helped toMarie. Marie started to study scientist when she was 24 years old.
Marie Married with Pierre Curie, he was also a scientist. They worked together and they discovery the radium. They won a Nobelprice. When her husband died she continued her work and she won a second Nobel price. Her work with radium ruin her healthy and she died or cancer.
1- Marie Curie was a great scientist.2- Marie Curie work ruined her health.
3- Today radium is used by doctors to treat cancer.

Remembering Details
1- She was born in Marja Skelodowska in Warsaw Poland.
2- She wantedto go to collage in Poland.
3- She worked as a teacher in Poland.
4- Her most important discovery was radium.
5- Marie Curie was 39 years old.
6- She won a second novel price in 1911.7- Her daughter´s name was Irene.
1- My graduate from highs school was in 2004.
2- An important discovery is when help people or be more easy our lives, when the scientist inventedthings.
3- She won a scientist Nobel Price.
4- Many things can ruin our lives, for example: smoking, alcohol, and radioactivity.
5- Their name is rays X.
6- I always take drugs and Irelax.

Understanding the Sequence
1- 1 Marie became a teacher in Poland.
2 Bronya become a doctor.
2- 1 Curie was the first woman to receive the Nobel price.
2 Curie was the first womanprofessor in France.
3- 1 Marie Curie became a professor in France.
2 Pierre Curie died in an accident.
4- 1 Curie and her husband discovery radium.
2 Curie and her husband won the Nobel...
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