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Extra Features

For Canon® Powershot® Cameras

User Quick Start Guide

Canon Hack Development Kit User Quick Start Guide V.1.9.1 © December 2011 For Canon Cameras with CHDK
For installation instructions go to


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Acknowledgements CHDK Introduction Using CHDK OSD (On Screen Display) Main Menu Extra Photo Operations Video Parameters RAW Parameters Edge overlay Custom curves Histogram Parameters Zebra Parameters OSD Parameters Visual Settings Scripting Parameters Miscellaneous Stuff History of CHDK Stereo Data Maker KAP Bracketing notes RAW notes Bad pixel notes Edgeoverlay notes Curves notes USB Remote notes Grids notes Scripting notes Flash notes Examples FAQs and Facts Miscellaneous info Links Legal Notes INDEX



CHDK has to be one of the most innovative improvements to any camera that has ever come along since the beginning of photography. Started out by some people who only wanted RAW out oftheir rawcrippled cameras, it has now grown into one of the most adaptable, flexible, and full-featured operating systems of any cameras ever made. We are all extremely grateful for the work that everyone has put into this arena of discovery, implementation, coding, sharing, camera testing, (especially with the unknown, and possibly high risk), and those that provide all the information on the Wikipages (and elsewhere in the world). Those who have contributed to this great stride in the world of photography deserve a huge vote of thanks. Many thanks go to the original developers vitalyb, and GrAnd, ewavr, owenjm, Harvester, jeff666, [mr.anon], MX3, Fingalo, Allbest, CHDKLover, BarneyFife, also to Jucifer and PhyrePhoX, and to cosmograph for the excellent CHDK logo, and to all the othersmentioned or not, in History of CHDK, See: page 47 Other contributors include, acseven (the forum), achurch, acid2000, ADamb, ArtDen, atalwar, Atnas, auj,
awdark,, barberofcivil, Basq, Bg~, bondo, bperrybap, brabl2, brake, Brend R, bygbit, cail, chdkj, chr, cormac, cppasm, cyril42e, danielmewes, Darkness, DataGhost, DavidB, diablo, Divalent, ehmu, elecktro255, ERR99, fantomas4o, fboesch, fbonomi,fe50, fishpepper, f_m_b, fudgey, funnel, gajownik, Grin, Hacki, HarpoMa, hiker_jon, h-v-n, iax, ihar, Intrnst, image13, jstanley0, Keoeeit, KevB m2tk, ma_jk, MartinBudden, mattkime, Microfunguy, mipa87, mkmenuts, mproko, mrblack51, mrowl, MrSpoon, msl, mweerden, nandoide, neszt, nimrod, nirschi, Novex, oldgit, outslider, pedropaislopes, peregrine, pev69, philmoz, pixeldoc2000, PlasmaHH, quietschi,RaduP, revivery, reyalp, Rorschach, rudi, sharky, shenty, Smartkiller, snc, snowsnapshots, srsa_4c, stift, stevetm2, syahmixp, taliesin,Thorwak, tillo, toinech, tommi2water, TPC, tr1stan, tsvstar, ultimA, uvvv, Velo, viulian, vit40, waldo, waterwingz, whim, whoever, wontolla, xiaofeng, Yarvieh, Yossar, zeno, zfeet, and for a significant discovery which has been named ‘Canon Basic’ - Oren Isacson andAlfredo Ortega

and more to come……. Many thanks. And to the firmware dumpers and language translators - Many thanks. Thanks to Graystar for the Allbest 50 manual, and to the writers of the online Morebest manual *, and everyone else who has contributed however small or large to CHDK and the Wiki pages. *(these pages are based upon those and updated to reflect the latest changes to what has becomethe combined collaborative CHDK) Please report errors &/or omissions to the CHDK forum: –,1167.0.htmlß Front cover photo – Canon Powershot SX230HS 1
Canon is a registered ® ™ Trademark of Canon Inc. PowerShot is a registered ® ™Trademark of Canon Inc.



Welcome to CHDK, for users of Canon®
Powershot ® Cameras Q. What is...
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