Chemical secret

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This chapter starts when John Duncan, who was a tall, thin man, about forty-five years old, goes to a job interview with David Wilson; he was the owner ofpaint’s factory.
There he met Mary Carter, she was one of the best chemists the factory had, in fact she discovered a new type of paint, and he’ll work with her.
Mr. Duncan is a biologist, and hehad worked for so important companies, but he stopped working nine years ago, because he and his wife Rachel Horsley (she was a famous sailor), started a business’s boats, but later his wife had anaccident, and things go worst the business broke and he had to close.
As the interview continue, Mr. Duncan at sometimes felt David was humiliating him with some of his questions, but John really neededthe job.
At the end David Wilson hired John because he needed someone to tell the government the paint wasn’t dangerous to the environment and who better than John that was a biologist.
John willhave his own office, and a company car.


John had a sixteen year old daughter, Christine, and his son Andrew who was thirteen. They live in dirty, small flat with old furniture.When his wife has been alive, they live in a beautiful house with a large garden. He had a good job, and they didn’t need to think about money, but after his wife death and his business broke, hisluck ended.
He gave the good news about his job at the paint factory to his children.


John started to work with Mary, she showed him the new paint for cars, neither acids norsalt could damage it.
One day when he was working with the paint, he spilt some of the waste in his leg, the paint left a red painful place on his skin. He went to see a doctor to gave him somethingto calm the pain, but the doctor warned the skin will stay red for a year or two.
The doctor was worry because the factory was throwing out its wastes to the river, and that can cause a serious...
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