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Chinese Shang Dynasty in Chinese history from the date of about 3600 years, counting from the Xia Dynasty about 4000 years, counting from the Yellow Emperor is about 4700 years. Historical scholars believe that the history of human civilization, the "historical period" is defined as starting from a word invented, and before that is referred to as "prehistoric"; modern archaeological discovery of3350 years ago (before 1350) of the Shang Dynasty Oracle, about 3,000 years ago to 4,000 years ago, pottery, about 4,000 years ago to 5,000 years ago with the nature of the text symbols carved turtle bone deed.
Yellow River Chinese civilization was formed in the Central Plains.
Sovereigns and Five Emperors
legendary Sovereigns and Five Emperors, is an outstanding leader for thousands of yearsbefore the Xia Dynasty representatives, specifically, there are different versions. San Juan Sui generally refers to people, Fu Xi, Shen Nong, and Nu Wa, a serious fire in three. Five Emperors generally refers to the Yellow Emperor, Zhuan Xu, Ku, Yao and Shun. Since the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors to, no do few years, at least when no less than thousands of years. 
Yu's son Qiway undermines the demise of the system, self-reliance is king (but according to "Historical Records" and described the Hong Kong secondary school textbooks, was elected as leader Kai), established the first hereditary dynasty - Xia, Xia Dynasty lasted 400 years in the last Xia Zhaojun main - Jie late Eastern Cheng Tang vassal state business leaders seized power and established the Shang Dynasty. SHANG CHAO 
When Shang civilization was well developed, there are calendar, bronze and mature text - Oracle and so on. Shang has been a full time national organizations, and has the size of the feudal dynasty. At that time the main production sectors in agriculture, handicrafts, however, especially in bronze metallurgy level has also been very superb. And has appeared in the originalporcelain. Shang from Pangeng after its capital at Yin (Anyang, Henan Province today), also known as Yan Zhao. Shang system of succession to the throne passed to son or brother, inherited more than seniority by age.
Long-term Shang dynasty, another tribal week the Yellow River is gradually rise to about the first 1046, King Wu of Zhou cutting Shang Zhou, the Shang repeated things crusade,national and economic decline, unable to face the week of storm, so extinction, is that Wu Wang Keyan. The formal establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, the Weihe River Basin capital Hao (now Xi'an in the vicinity), King Wu of Zhou's death, but also with the Zhougong Dong Zheng, strongly against the Shang Wan Jun, not only enhanced the Zhou dynasty's territory, but also Shang's influence is no longer so. SPRING AND AUTUMN PERIOD 
Spring and Autumn Period is more freedom of academic thought, known as contending. The emergence of a number of far-reaching impact on China after the thinkers (philosophers), such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, Mo Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Mencius, Xun Zi, Han Fei et al. There have been many academic schools, the more well-known people, that Taoism (natural), Confucian (ethics), YinYangjia (astrology divination), Legalism (law), masters (rhetorical debate), Mohist (universal love non-attack) , miscellaneous home (each co-director), farmers (with farming ruler), novelist (hearsay) and so on.
Warring States Period
To the first 546 years, the hegemony basic end of the Yellow River, Jin, Chu hegemony of the two split up. 403 years ago, Jin Ju Qing divided by three powerfulfamily, has become the Han, Zhao, Wei three vassal state, called the "three sub-Jin." Coupled with the surname Jiang Tian Qi is replaced, called Qi Tian. 
Han, Zhao, Wei, Qi, Qin, Chu, and Yan, adding that the Seven Warring States Warring States period began.
Warring States Dynasty, countries began to reform movement, which, to the Reform Kui Wei, when the first rise in Weiwen Hou, Northern...
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