Chocolate lovers

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  • Publicado : 14 de agosto de 2010
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Chocolate lovers

what makes chocolate so irresistible?

A large part of chocolate's allure, of course, lies in the taste - a deliciously rich concoction that satisfies the most intense craving.But several chemical reactions are also at work. Chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasureable sensations and acts like pain-relievers. Furthermore chocolate is healthy!It protects you against heart disease, cancer and others pains. So don’t feel guilty eat some chocolate and make your mind and senses feel the pleassure of been a chocolate lover!


•chocolate lovers ofers products created under the objective of satisfying our costumers with high quality deserts, manufactureded with international standars, natural ingredients and the best cacao ofthe world, Ecuadorian´s cacao

• All are poducts are made by request to guarantee are costumers a 100% nature product and handcrafted.

• by request each an every product will bedifferent so the costumers will have exactly what he wants when he wants.

Capital, land and & labor

• First I’ll start with a capital of 1000 dolars and i’ll make all my products from my own on myhouse.

• In 3 months i’ll hire one person to help me (220 dolars).

• Then in six months i’ll ask for a loan of around 5000 dolars to the camara de la pequeña industria to buy a hightechnology oven (2400) , and a new car for transportation (175) and i’ll hire to persons more to help me on the new store and in the cook.


• To find out the price i had based on thefoollowing costs:

1. handywork

2. Ingredients

3. Indirect Manufacturating costs (gas, electricity,etc)

4. Transportation.

5. An a 20% of profit.

• Considering a 80% ofsells.

• Considering my products are made by reqest i can’t gave and establish price.


• I’ll promove my bussines in a system named buzz marketing is the system that corfu...
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