Ciencia de la energia

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What energy we can find in food? In food we can find chemical energy

What energy we can find when we
turn on the radio? When we turn on the radio we have electrical energy

what energy acoal power station can generate?in a coal power station we can find electrical energy

Complete the sentences:

Cars and buses use chemical energy from fuels

When we talk, we producesounds which is a form of energy

Most of the energy comes from food and sun

Name some various forms of energy: electrical and chemicals or heat energy, light energy


How do animals obtain their energy? by eating plants, by eating plants and animals and by eating other animals

How do plants obtain their energy only the sun andphotosynthesis ((((((:::::::

How do we differentiate the ways in which plants and animals obtain their energy? that the plants can make their own food and the animals only can obtain their foodwhen they kill animals

How is food turned into energy in our food ? When the food is broken down to produce energy in our body
Why our body need energy

Give 5 examples of sourcesof energy for animals, explain where they come from.cheese from milk comes fron the couws and goats,tomatoes fruts come from tomato plants,the lettuce leaves come from lettuce plant,chicken gets itsenergy by eating grains


All animals depend on plants directly or indirectly to obtain the energy that they need.

Food is broken down to produce energy inour body.

Sugar and starch are a good source of energy. They can be found in food such as rice and bread


How do plants get their food? Doing the photosynthesis

Whatis photosynthesis? Plants needs sunlight and carbon dioxide and water
produce sugar and oxygen

What is chlorophyll? Is the part green of the leaves

What CONDITIONS are...
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