Ciencia y tecnologia

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A Helping hand
Look at the pictures and say how each one is related to the topic of the unit. Then predict what each text might talk about.
The Josefa Dominguez School choir, from Ciudad Guzman,Jalisco, is competing in an international school-choir festival in Los Angeles California. Thanks to the efforts of Daniel Romero, the musical director, in just 6 months the children have made excellentprogress. Many of them have never sung in a choir before.
Tim Gunn´s Guide to Style
Tim Gunn´s Guide to Style is one of the most popular TV shows for fashion advice. Tonight at 8:30 pm, fashionguru Tim Gunn gives his advice on dressing well to a female guest, Tim uses his expertise to help women choose basic wardrobe pieces and accessories, know where to shop and choose the most flatteringclothes for they figure.
Be a Camp Instructor
-have fun and earn good money
Valle Verde summer camp in Puerto Vallarta needs 10 instructors for courses for children in July and August. If you arebetween 18 and 24 years old and like working with children, contact us via our website to find out more about the requirements.
The News
After widespread flooding along theMississippi delta, firefighters from several cities work long hours to rescue trapped flood victims and animals and bring food to people. The firefighters used boats and helicopters to reach those whowere trapped.
Read the texts and check your predictions.
Read the text again. Then match the information from each category.
Main idea source of information intended audience
There is anopportunity for young people to make some money.
There was a natural disaster in the U.S.
There´s a show that focuses on helping people learn how to dress well.
A Mexican choir will participate in aninternational competition.

Daily newspaper
Online news
TV guide
School newspaper

Students and parents of the school
People looking for a job
People interested in improving their looks...
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