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1. Who was the new British prime minister at the Potsdam Conference?

2. What promise did Stalin make at Yalta that he refused to honor at Potsdam?

3. Why was the struggle between theUnited States and Soviet Union called the "Cold War?"

4. What was the iron curtain?

5. Where did Churchill believe the Soviets were trying to spread communism?

6. What was President Truman'smotto?

7. What two countries did Truman feel had to be helped to fight communists in their countries?

8. Truman Doctrine

9. Containment

10. The Marshall Plan and how it helpedcontain communism

11. What city was controlled by the Western Allies, deep inside East Germany?

12. How did Stalin want to take the city mentioned in #14, and how did the Allies keep itsupplied?

13. What military alliance was created in 1949 and how does it work?

14. What country joined NATO in 1955 and what military alliance did the Soviet Union create in response?

15. Whatperson did the US support in China's civil war?
16. What person did the Soviet Union support in China's civil war?

17. Who won the Chinese civil war, and in what year?
18. What was thedividing line between North and South Korea?
19. What happened on June 25, 1950, and how did the United Nations respond?

20. Where did General MacArthur invade Korea in September 1950, lettingother UN troops push north out of Pusan?

21. What country warned the UN not to approach its border at the Yalu River?

22 What did General MacArthur do that caused him to be fired?

23. Whowon the 1952 election promising to end the Korean War?

24. Why do many believe the US didn't win the Korean War?

25. What weapon did the Soviet Union first use in 1949?

26. What newweapon did the US and USSR test in 1952 and 1953, respectively?

27. What three methods did the US and USSR have to use nuclear warheads?

28 Mutually assured destruction

29. How did...
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