Cinderella (la senicienta) personajes en ingles

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2010
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She was a happy girl that lived with her father, but when he dies everything changes.
Now she lives with his awful stepmother, and her silly stepsisiters. They treather like a maid. But When They get invited to the castle, their lives changes again, because the prince fall in love with cinderella and a love story begans.

Snow White:

SheWas A Pretty girl, the prettiest girl that anyone could now.
But the queen who was also pretty, was jealous of her. So she tried to steal his life away, she escapes, and found alittle house, where seven dwarfs lived.

Sleeping Beauty:

When she born three witches bless her, with beauty, and other things, but the fourth witch, (the bad one) was angry becauseshe wasn’t invited to the party, so she cursed the little baby, the curse was that when the baby is 17 she’ ll fall sleep until the kiss of the true love awake she.

Jasmin:She was the a princess who was very reqested for every guy int the kingdom. But she don’t like any one. she wanted a man who was not empty, that have feelings,she did not mind theirsocial class or stratum, only their feelings and their love was real.

Was a beauty girl that loves her father but when he loses a bet, she is forced to marry the beast,little by little, she meets the beast, and is realizing that it is not so bad.

a little girl full of imagination, while his sister has a book, she falls asleep and imaginesa world full of adventure, (the country of wonders)

a mermaid who lives in the ocean, she dreams of the outside world know, one day he succeeds, falls in love, and has onedaughter.

a poor man finds a lamp, inhabited by a genie, the genie grants three wishes, one wish is to get rich, know jasmin, falls in love, and many adventures begin.
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