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English Discoveries - Basic I

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje
Instructor: Luis Alejandro Moreno Crespo

This is the final Project of thecourse English Discoveries - Basic 1.

Remember that this project represents 20% of your course final grade. It includes 4 simple exercises related with the topicswe developed during the course.

El siguiente es el proyecto final del curso de ingles English Discoveries - Básico 1.

Recuerden que este proyecto representaun 20% de su nota definitiva. El proyecto consta de 5 ejercicios relacionados con la temática del curso.

1) Write 3 short sentences in which you use the verbto be.

Example: He is a good friend.


2) Take the 3 sentences written above and change them to the interrogative form.

Example: Is hea good friend?


3) Write down 1 sentence with each of the demonstratives, "this", “that", "these", and "those".

Example: This is my favorite food.That is her mothers´ car.

These are my color pencils.

Those are the highest buildings of the city.

R/4) Suppose you are in a trip that is going to the zoo. The Zookeeper asks you: Which is your favorite animal and why?

Answer this question in 4sentences.


My favorite animal is the ostrich. I like this animal because is really big and fast. The ostrich is a bird that can lay eggs of 2 kilograms. Theostriches eat plants and vegetables. They are originally from Africa, but now they are around the world. They usually live in farms or in landscapes.

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