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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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This story was made in 1431, tells how the young French woman Joan of Arc, save his homeland against the British, and declared to be inspired directly by God, is facingprosecution and a possible death sentence.

In history we can see Joan of Arc as the main character, which by means of a force that has been able to pass the screen and penetrate the soul of thespectators. His face painful, absent of make-up is one of the most striking images and beautiful world cinema.

Through this feeling that conveys the character, we know that what motivated her tostand trial, torture and death at the stake was his love for God and his belief, both his country and his religion.

This movie is made in black and white, in which we can see that the scene changes andcamera moves are fast and accurate display of what they want without losing the sense of the scene. We can also see that although the use of close-ups were already a common resource in the cinema ofthe time, Dreyer was the first director to use the media to project the interior of his characters, which we know as a close-up. We know that the close-up does not have a demo or explicit function,but the director tries to establish an emotional connection between audience and actors.

Vertigo is a film made in 1958 and tells the story of a retired inspector who suffers from vertigoFerguson. One day he receives a call from his former classmate, a millionaire, that asks you to watch his wife Madeleine quietly, fearing that can be killed. After follow and observe for a few days,Ferguson becomes obsessed with Madeleine. From that moment he becomes involved in a plot of which we cannot leave.

As we can see the main character is Detective Ferguson, a person in whom you trust acase which is obsessed with falling in love with his ward, because even a person removed from office by Madeleine love leads him to continue to care even after knowing that he died.

This film can...
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