Cisco practice lmt-1501 – 2010

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Cisco Practice LMT-1501 – 2010
Sección: 012
Developed by Prof. Victor Mancilla
Cisco Text III
1. Find out the verbs
2. Check 6 unfamiliarwords. What is their meaning?
3. Create 6 passive voice phrases with terms from the text.
4. Translate the text. (Edit with a common sense meaning.)
5. Give this work back to your teacherPRINTED ONLY. (works sent by e-mail will not be accepted- NO CLONS PLEASE!)
• Layer: Capa
• Exchanges: Intercambia
• Datagram: datagrama
• Encapsulation: encapsulación• Headers: encabezado
• Pattern: Patrón
a) A TCP/IP protocol can be manipulated by a user.
b) A layer can be use by a TCP/IP network protocol.
c) The hardware is used by thephysical layer protocol
d) A layer can be called by PDU
f) The network layer has the task of moving the data by the Internet.
g) The lower layer uses encapsulation by a protocol dataunit(PDU)

Each layer uses its own layer protocol to communicate with its peer layer in another system. Each layer's protocol exchanges information, called protocol data units (PDUs), with its peerlayers. A layer can use a more specific name for its PDU. For example, in TCP/IP the transport layer of TCP communicates with the peer TCP function by using segments. Each layer uses the services of thelayer below it to communicate with its peer layer. The lower layer service uses upper layer information as part of the PDUs that it exchanges with its peer. 
Cada capa utiliza su propio protocolo decapa para comunicarse con su capa par en otro sistema. Cada protocolo de capa intercambia información, llamado protocolo de unidades de datos (PDU), con sus capas de par. Una capa se puede utilizarcon un nombre más específico para su PDU. Por ejemplo, en TCP / IP la capa de transporte del TCP se comunica con la función de pares TCP usando segmentos. Cada capa utiliza los servicios de la capa...
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