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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Civil Law in Mexico

The continental European Law, or simply continental Law (in occasions named Roman French System or Roman German French System) is thejuridical system derived from that one applied in continental Europe, which roots are in the Roman law, German and canonically and in the thought of theIllustration, and that is used largely of the European territories and in those colonized by these along his history. It is in the habit of characterizing becausehis principal source is the law, before that the jurisprudence, and because his procedure are contained in legal unitary, tidy and systematized bodies (codes).Mexican legal research differs drastically from U.S. research. In Mexico legal research is principally directed not at finding case law or analyzing the valueof precedents (as it seems to be the rule in our country), but at determining the precise legal provision that is found in a given Mexican legislativeenactment--whether a statute, a regulation or a code at a federal or state level - that applies to the legal issue in question or governs the case at bar. 

In mostcases, Mexican researchers do not search for case law. The reason is quite simple: since Mexico does not adhere to the Principle of stare decisis, thesignificance of case law in that country is secondary compared to the importance given to the legal principle, rule or norm found in the applicable provision of agiven statute or code.


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