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Topic: Cigarette addiction in 17-year-old teenagers in Guayaquil
Name: Marcela Ormaza Dominguez

Teacher: Juan Manuel Ojeda
2012 - 2013

Topic: Cigarette addiction in 17-year-ols teenager in Guayaquil
I. Introduction
A) Definitions of cigarette

II. What is the cigarette addiction
a) A Doctor opinion
b) Apsychologist opinion

III. Components of a cigarette
a) A cigarette box chart information
b) Wikipedia information

IV. Causes and consequences why teenagers smoke
a) A smoker teenager opinion
b) A no smoker teenager opinion

V. Survey
a) Common reasons why young adults start smoking
b) Interview to families that have live with smokers

VI. What can bedone
a) Family support: mother and father help
b) Therapies for those teenagers with psychologist that know how help them quit cigarette


Cigarette addiction in 17-year-old teenagers in Guayaquil
Have you ever heard about any kind of addiction? First I will define what a cigarette is. Second I will introduce what the cigarette addiction is from a doctor opinion and apsychologist opinion. Third I will compare the substance that a cigarette possesses from several sources. Fourth I will explain the consequences that the cigarette brings to teenagers. Then I will show the results of my survey made to these teenagers in Guayaquil. Later I will recommend some tips that can be done to solve the problems to theses minors. Finally I will give my opinion of my essay.
Inthis essay I am going to talk about the cigarette addiction a very common addiction around the world that affects kids, teens, adults and older adults. We should restated that there are several type of this addiction we have the active smoker the ones that smokes everyday one or might 5 fags per day, and the passive smoker the ones that do not smoke but they are surrounded of smokers so they smellthe smoke that a cigarette left.
First of all I search at Wikipedia to define what the Cigarrete is and I found this: is a small roll of finely cut tobacco leaves wrapped in a cylinder of thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end and allowed to smoulder; its smoke is inhaled from the other end, which is held in or to the mouth and in some cases a cigarette holder may be used aswell. So we can conclude that a cigarette is a cylindrical roll of shredded or ground tobacco that is wrapped in paper or another substance that does not contain tobacco.
Second I asked for a medical opinion to define me what the cigarette addiction is and this is his definition of addiction, DR. Saul Alvarado addictions medic says that “the cigarette addiction is primary disease, chronic withgenetic, psychosocial and environmental factors that influent in her or she behavior and development. The disease is fatal, is characterized for continued episodes of: uncontrolled about consume and it consequences, the smokers deny overdo of the substance that he or she consumes”. Then I asked for a psychologist opinion and this is what he told me, M. Psy. Edward Emerson says that “a human being whois a cigarette addicted likes a lot consume what for them are fine, after they consume several time they lose their own criteria about life, they do not know what is fine and what is not fine, this happens because of several factors as lack of parental supervision, peer pressure or low self-esteem as a result they start smoking by cause of many problems that teens experiment”. So it means that anaddicted people do not consume because they want it they consume because they cannot stop ingesting them but what substance the cigarette possess that a teens cannot stop smoking well I made some researches.
I search in some web sites and from the information facts of a pack of cigarettes and the following ingredients the cigarettes are made from: ammonia component of cleaning products,...
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