Classroom management

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Task 1

Group work:
Group work is definitely more student-centred, since they are who work and it could be said that have little help by teacher
Closed-ended teacher questioning:
Here the teacher is the centre of attention, hence it’s more teacher centred.
Individual work: This is a step into reflexion and inner reflexion is focused on students.
Choral responses:
This couldbe said to be more teacher centred since he or she is the one who evokes this kind of response and the attention is focused on his questions.
Students form an environment of cooperation, so it is focused on the students and how they help each other. Student centred.
Student initiates, teacher answers
We would say the focus here is teacher’s answers, so it could be said it’steacher centred, however, the question making makes this class interact with the teacher as someone else, not the authority, so it could be said it also centres the attention on students’ question making hence in students, too. I would say it has both interactions, but it could be a little more teacher centred.
Full-class interaction
This is definitely student centred since they are the onesworking and producing.
Teacher talk
Here the focus is on the teacher, so it is by large teacher centred interaction.
Definitely student centred, there is not even a teacher and they work independently.
Open-ended teacher questioning:
They are more focused on students’ thoughts, so the focus here is how students answer the question, therefore it is student centred.

Task 2

- Howyou come to school?
Grammar, there is an omission of the auxiliary to form a correct structure.
- I go always to France for my holidays.
Grammar: the word order is affected.
- I don’t like travelling by sheep.
Pronunciation: Similar pronunciation with ship. (Meaning)
- (Mike speaking to his boss) That’s a load of rubbish, mate.
Appropriacy: It is supposed that people speak formally or atleast respectfully in this kind of employee – boss interaction
- She suggested us to go home.
Grammar: Incorrect addition of the particle “to” given for an overgeneralization verb+ object+(to)
- Oh, of course! - you’re Peter, aren’t you? (rising intonation on aren’t you).
Pronunciation: There is a lack of appropriate intonation which produces misunderstanding to the interlocutor.
- (student inpub) Give me a beer.
Appropriacy: Even in the most informal places for being a student some culture and respect need to be shown to the interlocutor.
- She went to the library to buy a book.
Meaning: There is a cross association for Spanish learners who confuse library with book shop, or book store.

Task 3

1. Students are writing a paragraph about a holiday in ones or twos.
If is intwos we wouldn’t object that much, but we consider the follow up activities are vital to say what we would correct, if it is one’s reflection to share with the whole class, there is no problem, but if the activity individually is just writing, we lose a great opportunity of experience interchange
2. Students are discussing the question of pollution in small groups.
We would not correct thissince they as groups might have different views and definitely enrich from one another and interact, but we can make some rounds asking and checking questions just to make sure if the theme is clear for the students.
3. Students are debating on the rights of women in an open class focus.
We would say that the debate should be women on one side and men on the other side or separate the class intotwo groups and with some information to support ideas one group for the rights and one against. It will give them a lot to talk.
4. Students are discussing role-playing a public meeting after reading a text, and are preparing their side of the argument.
To us this is Ok, once the group has argued what they specifically want, set the roles to each student, given a preliminary script and...
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