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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2009
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Summary: Debates the issue of human cloning. Considers how the practice might be beneficial. Describes how it would save lives and lead to a number of advancements in scientific research, andimprove the quality of life.
Should humans be cloned? That is the question that many people all over the world have been debating. Some say it is morally wrong, that we would be nefariously attempting to"Play the role of God." However, the facts have shown that there is nothing inherently wrong with human cloning. Scientists have proved a number of times that human cloning would be nothing butbeneficial to the human race, if only it was legal. If the law allowed human cloning, it would not only save lives, but it would lead to a number of advancements in scientific research, and improve thequality of life.
Human cloning would be a positive harbinger for mankind, and an excellent opportunity for the advancement of science. In the past century, scientists have been assiduous workers inmaking numerous achievements, discoveries, and inventions, giving us the knowledge we have acquired about ourselves and about the world around us. For years, scientists have studied and made tremendousprogress in cloning. Experts say that if cloning research was legal we could find better treatments, and perhaps even cures for many terrible diseases that so many of us suffer and die from each year.For example, AIDS. This is a well-known illness that damages the human immune system. There are treatments available, but statistics show that three million people die from AIDS each year, and yet sofar, no one has been able to find a cure. With cloning, scientists could copy and create more white blood cells to fight off and kill the deadly virus. This would save millions of innocent lives. Itwould also help in making new medical discoveries and expand our knowledge. With new advancements, we could continue to explore, research, and learn- just as we have been doing for several years....
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