Cloning to prevente animal extinction

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Carlos López
Fionualla Griffin
English Composition 2
August 11/ 2001
Cloning is the way to fight against animal extinction
Part1: What I already know
In the past, the idea of creating living beings from copying another organism was the result of the daring imagination of filmmakers and usually this idea was related to science fiction or some kind of animated television series.
In the year1996, all those crazy theories and ideas became true with the creation of the first cloned living being. It was a sheep called Dolly which resulted from the complex process of extracting the cells of an adult sheep, isolating them and transferring to a coreless egg cell. Because of this process, the egg cells started to behave like a normal fertilized egg cell and grew until it became the clonedliving being. .
Since Dolly was created; the cloning issue was no longer a crazy and aberrant idea and became one of the biggest controversies around the world which involve different areas of life such as religion, society, and science enclosing it within a framework of negativity based on the opinions and beliefs of people.
In most cases, cloning is regarded as something unacceptable. Forexample in the case of religion; it threatens to destroy the very foundations of Christianity because no priest would want Jesus to be cloned and the fact that he wasn´t as divine as it was believed to be revealed. Because of these negative opinions, we ignore to the many uses that cloning may have for the benefit of mankind.
In my opinion, we should not only focus our minds on negative and oftenbaseless comments. We have to consider the cloning itself not only a threat to our beliefs but to an opportunity to resolve many problems that are affecting life in our planet. For example, the Cloning process could be used to fight against the animal extinction and once for all eradicate this problem from the Earth.
That’s the reason why I picked this topic. I want to provide the necessaryinformation and sources that could be used as a proof of the benefits of cloning animals suffering from endangering or that has been extinct from our planet. Besides, I want to encourage people to reflect on their use of cloning in the field mentioned before, not because of playing God but to be fair and reciprocal to the things he created and which we unconsciously destroyed among the years.
Part 2:What I want to find out
There are many questions I would like to answer about cloning an its progress over the years. First of all I am interested in how many of animal species are endangered? What are the foundations that protect animals doing to fight against animal extinction?
Secondly, I would like to know: When the idea of cloning was developed scientifically? What cloning actually is? Whofirst applied the cloning concept? Was dolly really a clone? What problems caused Dolly’s early death? And if it’s possible get the personal opinion of someone involved in Dolly’s creation; to inform the audience about what cloning specifically is and leave open the possibility of its use in other fields.
Also, some information I would like to find is: What uses can be made of cloning? How couldcloning change life of mankind? What countries are leading investigations in cloning? Why they are doing it for? As well as: Could the cloning idea destroy religion? Or could religions destroy the possibility of cloning?
And finally, something difficult, I would like to investigate: What other interests are behind the concept of cloning? Which aspects of cloning are considered legal and feasible?What impact it would cause on society if cloning is considered an alternative to combat death?
Part III: The Search
According to the article “The animal extinction continues growing”; which was written by Barbara Hirtz and published at on November 9, 2009; the rate of the animal extinction and endangering species around the world is growing drastically. Having as a...
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