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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Segmentación del mercado
Nowadays its not only important to fabricate a normal mobile,if you want to succes yo have to include a large list of extras or fees adecuate to one profile costumer oranothers.Customers want a mobile which describes them; it is not just a dispositive to call, is a lot more.
3 diapositiva-1
It is very common that firms and autonomous spend a lot more money intelephone than private costumers because of their business.Thats the reason why Vodafone and all the telephone companies have an offer for firms and autonomous and other for familys,mostly specialized inthe first group.
2-Like in the other case an old man doesn’t use his mobile in the same proportions as a 18 year guy,which is always using it and spending money with it.For the same reason the offerwill change from one person to another to occupate more segments of the market.There are offers to make another member of the family to Vodafone which brings you discounts,etc.It is also common thatthis firms to reach customers from lower classes,the form a subsidiary firm,with low costs that at the end it’s the same that the big one.
3-This is the strategy for excellence in all the telephonefirms(telefonica,orange,etc) that is to assure that you continue with them .The more you talk the more points you have and the gifts that they give to you change and there are types of customersdifferenciated in who spends more money in his cell phone(1 point= 1 euro)
el programa de puntos de vodafone se segmenta en 3 partes que son las que vamos a detallar….
Vodafone clasifies their customers into 4 segments depending on the number of points accumulated between 1 april and 31 of march of the nextyear.
1- Cliente vodafone:de 1 a 599 points accumulated per year.
Advantages: posibility of exchanging points each 12 months.
2-Cliente Oro:de 600 a 1499 points accumulated per year.
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