Cognitive behavior modification

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Reflective Response5
Cognitive Behavior Modification.

ByErnesto Savon
CRU502 CRN 24042
Psychologycal FoundationIn Education
Instructor: Maite Mourino

Nova Southeastern University01/02/2011

Cognitive behavior modification (CBM) is an intervention that combines cognitive and

behavioral learning principles to shape andencourage desired behaviors. To be more specific,

cognitive behavior modification refers to theoretical and applied orientations that share three

underlying assumptions: (a) an individual’s behavioris mediated by cognitive events; (b) a

change in mediating events results in a change in behavior; and (c) an individual is an active

participant in his learning. In short, the cognitivebehavioral approach assumes that individuals

have both the capacity and preference for monitoring and managing their own behavior (Heflin

& Simpson, 1998).

Cognitive behaviormodification aims to teach individuals to monitor their own behavior,
pace, or performance, and to appropriately dispense self‐reinforcement. As such, it emphasizes
modifying thinking as a means ofchanging feelings and behavior (Corey, 1991; Harris, 1988)
. The teacher strives to activate the child’s cognitive processes using a behavior change system to
alter his thinking as well as his behavior.According to Meichenbaum (1980), the premise of
CBM is that individuals must develop the ability to notice (a) how they feel, think, and behave
and (b) the impact their behavior has on others as...
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