Comission de medio ambiente

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* How does the mission of the CEC integrate the concept of sustainability?
The Commission for Environmental Cooperation facilitates collaboration and public participation to fosterconservation, protection and enhancement of the North American environment for the benefit of present and future generations, in the context of increasing economic, trade, and social links among Canada,Mexico, and the United States.

* What are the objectives of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation? (10)
The objectives of this Agreement are to:
* (a)        foster theprotection and improvement of the environment in the territories of the Parties for the well-being of present and future generations;
* (b)        promote sustainable development based on cooperationand mutually supportive environmental and economic policies;
* (c)        increase cooperation between the Parties to better conserve, protect, and enhance the environment, including wild flora andfauna;
* (d)        support the environmental goals and objectives of the NAFTA;
* (e)        avoid creating trade distortions or new trade barriers;
* (f)         strengthen cooperationon the development and improvement of environmental laws, regulations, procedures, policies and practices;
* (g)        enhance compliance with, and enforcement of, environmental laws andregulations;
* (h)        promote transparency and public participation in the development of environmental laws, regulations and policies;
* (i)         promote economically efficient and effectiveenvironmental measures; and
* (j)         promote pollution prevention policies and practices.

* The CEC has divided it’s activities (projects) in four areas. Briefly explain one project ofeach area:

1.- Environmental Information: Mapping North American Environmental Issues; The purpose of this project is to enable the visualization of North American environmental information...
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