Como instalar mobiola

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Mobiola® Web Camera for S60 can be installed only by user with Administrator privileges.

In order to start installation of this application runmobiola_webcam_3_s60v3.exe.

Click Next on “Welcome” page.

If you want to start installation process, you have to read the License Terms and decide, whether you accept the terms or not. Thenselect the corresponding item in a single-selection list box. You will be able to continue installation process only if you accept the License Ageement.

On Select DestinationLocation page you can select folder where Mobiola® Web Camera for S60 will be installed, then click Next:

Please look at the window below carefully. Mark check boxes as checked ifit is necessary:

On “Select Start Menu Folder” page specify location for Start Menu shortcut, then click Next:

If you do not want to create a desktop icon or run application onWindows startup, you can clear correspondent checkboxes on Select Additional Tasks page.

On “Ready to Install” page verify that all settings are correct and click Install to runinstallation procedure:

Mobiola® Web Camera for S60 installation on PC is almost complete.

Also you can install phone application manually.

Then after pushing Finish,registration dialog will be launched.

Please see Registration to get help with this dialog.

You are free to use trial copy of Mobiola® Web Camera for S60 for 3 days.If you want to use trial and register later, select Try button:

You will need to use registration key in order to work with full version.

We will process your purchaseand send you the activation key by e-mail.

You will need to type this key into "Activation key" field in the Registration screen of c Mobiola® Web Camera for S60 application.
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