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1.- Personality adjectives: Chatty, sensitive, honest, cold, shy, friendly, moody, relaxed polite.
2.- adjectives –ed: embarrassed, bored, surprised, worried.
3.- adjectives-ing: exciting,surprising, frightening, annoying.
4.- Natural phenomena: tornado, hurricane, storm, tsunami.
5.- Past simple irregular forms: (go) went, (come) came, (buy) bought, (do) did, (make) made.
6.- health &lifestyle: strong, dangerous , energetic, fit.

7-. Esaldiak osatu who, which eta where egoki kokatuz.

My face is a mask_______ I wear every day.
Love is something ________ helps us to live.
Jimis a boy __________live in may street
This is the café _________my mum goes.
School is a place________ I meet my friend.
A good teacher is a person _______ gives me new ideas.

8.- Ezezkobihurtu ondorengo esaldi hauek.

He was cooking in the kitchen.
They went to the beach.
I was in London.___________________________________
They were going to the school.
She wears jeans.
He spoke very well about you.___________________________________

9.- Hitz bat soberan dago.

Stephen is more taller than Jeffrey.
Janet is the most intelligent the girl in the class.
He didn’t eat many some doughnuts.
He drank a lot of many cola.10.-. Zuzenak ala okerrak.

A lot of chips.
Much women
Not many hamburgers
Some meat
Much tomatoes
Not any milk.

| |height |age |
| John|1m 64 |16 |
|Richard |1m 60 |15 |
|Mary |1m 70 |14 |

1.- ___________is the tallest.
2.- ___________is shorterthan Mary.
3.- ___________is the shortest.
4.- ___________is the youngest.
5.- _______and______ are older than Mary.
6.- ___________is the oldest.

12.- Ipini aditza modu egokian past simple edo...
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