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Education between Mexico and the USA
by Nadia Solis
Mexico is considered the country with less education betwen 30 countries that are part of the OCDE (Organización para la Cooperación y DesarrolloEconómico). United States has a higher level on this subject but, why? On the following proyect, we´ll analyze and solve lots of questions that we have about our actual Education system and why doesMexico has so much lower grades than other countries.
There two types of education in México; public education and private education. There are several differences betwen them.
Public education isfree, obligatory and without religion, on the other hand, private education is not supported by goberment´s founds, it includes some subjects that supposely, gives the students a better preparationfor life within their lives some values.
The Public Education Secretary also want public shools to teach english obligatory from first to 9th grade, but this "law was implemented a few years ago andthe level that public schools´ have in comparison with the level that private schools have, is pretty much lower.
Even though, the best College in Mexico and Latin American countries is a publicshool that is not associated with the SEP, it´s called Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and it is considered one of the best options to study in all Latin American countries.
Recently, theteachers around the Republic don´t agree with the salary they recieve and stop giving classes until they´re heard. Those states´students have already lost a complete school year while their teachers getinto a dial with the goberment.
Education in Mexico is getting worse since the education system has decayed.
It has the followimg characteristics:
It has free textbooks for everyone
Basic Educationis compulsory
School uniforms required
School is divided into Pre-school, Elementary school, Jr. High, High School, and Universities
two schedules: morning and evening
No designated eating...
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