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To: international welfare fund
From: Borja Entrecanales
Subject: financial support for a library
Date: 31/10/11
Wescside, our quiet andfamiliar town,has all kinds of associations and sports teams, but does not have a library for the use and enjoyment of the villagers.

Aim of the project:

Ithink our people need a cultural place, where all we have on hand a variety of books for leisure as for work or school and also so that students can have a placewhere they are not bothered to study.

Budget uses:

First of all, it would be essential to acquire a building of not very large, but well equipped with 4or 5 rooms with seating for 75 people, after, the rooms should be equipped with office equipment such as tables, chairs, shelves and computers, and finally buyit books of all subjects, from children's books to scientists.

Social assistance:

I think the key idea to get help from the locals is to make multiplecampaigns, asking for help to donate all the books they do not use, organize certain activities or parties to be attended by both young and older people as wellraise money by selling food or souvenirs and finally I think it would be a great opportunity to create a social work group for troubled teens that might help inmounting the library.


I truly believe that our people need a place that is dedicated exclusively to promoting education and culture, as isthe foundation of any society that claims of the 21 century.

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