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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Mis. Gabriela

Cuernavaca Mor a..; 28 de octubre del 2010


For me the intelligence is the enffort that thepeople need to do , to try for do new things; the theme intelligence its composed for many types, musical is one of these, musical intelligence is the one that i have it, but why i know that i havethis type of intelligence? Its becacuse i did a test that the mis gaby gave to us, so in the test gave that i have musical intelligence, im agree with the test because the points that i underline saythings that i do every day.

Before the test i didnt know which type of intelligence does i have so i think the knowledge help me to know which type of intellignece does i have, i dont know if thistype of intelligence beneffit me , because some times i need another Concepts to learn, because i cant concentrate for a long time ago.

The brain have two hemispheres that its Left brian andright brain its divided in two parts, my dominant hemisphere its the right brain so it means that i have more control in my Left side of my body, more music creativity, intuitive, etc; i agree whith thetest, this is an example mi left arm its with more power that the right, every day i told me why i have more bicep in this arm if is my Left arm? So now i understand why.

For me emotion is thecomples psychophysiological experience o fan individuals state of mind as interacting with biochemichal and enviroment, some times is not easy to label my emotions its depend the case or wherever thatalter my emotions, because if is very strong the moment i cant stay like not happened at all. It is easy to understand where they came from because how that i was mencionated the emotions some timesalter more than another days, its depend the situation of the day, but here is when the problem comes on, because i cant control my emotions in apropiate place.

The assertiveness is a behavioral...