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Juan Manuel is a very friendly person, he has just five years.
He has a cousin, he is the same age. His cousin is called Christian.
At first they get along. One day, on thebirthday number six Juan Manuel, came as a birthday gift a computer, your first computer. Juan Manuel was not jealous and playing on your computer with Christian, but Christian was greedy and wanted acomputer as well or better than Juan Manuel. Since then both of their lives was going to change. Christian idols would be a head in the life of Juan Manuel.

When the two met eight years, entered acomputer course where they learned basic things about maintaining and installing operating systems. Juan Manuel made ​​win, but Christian was too complicated, he just did not want to be that beneathher ​​cousin.
Juan Manuel had found his true interest in computers and wanted to know everything about them.

When his twelfth birthday while in high school, Juan Manuel and Christian took computerscience, both because they were good at it, but wanted to overcome. Finished high school and began to study high school, were fifteen years old at the time, both continued their studies in connectionwith computers.

Juan Manuel met a friend, Martha, who was very sociable, liked being with people. But Christian began to get along with Luis, an irresponsible person and unfriendly, which he plantedmore anger against Juan Manuel.

Louis and Martha Hibbaan in the same group that Juan Manuel and Christian, they always sat together. Juan Manuel started out with Martha loves, but Christian wasjealous, puesoque also wanted her, but their envy and pride, not his.

Finish high school and both studied at different Unversity. Juan Manuel was unabeca their qualifications to study at one of thebest universities, Christian instead went to work and put a maintenance shop software and hardware, where only afford to keep working hard.

Juan Manuel graduated and qualified as a computer...
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