Computer history

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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The History of Computers
The world today has totally computerized, therefore it is necessary that we know how it works and even how computers emerged. It began when the man aspired to accelerate andimprove the quality of work. Then he began to think how to create a mechanism to carry out mathematical equations. This happened about 5000 years ago and the Abaco was who invented it. "This wasmaybe the first mechanical device accounting that existed and their effectiveness has passed the test of time. Later, Pascal Balice respected French mathematician and philosopher was the first to createand develop the mechanical adding. It was called the Pascaline and served as a base machine of gears and wheels. Even though Pascal was highly acclaimed across Europe because of his achievements, thePascaline, was a dismal financial failure, because for those moments, it was more expensive that human labor for calculations.
Maradey (2004) affirmed that Charles Babbage (1793-1871), visionaryEnglish and Cambridge professor, advanced the situation of computer hardware by inventing the difference engine, able to calculate mathematical tables. “It also reflects on the option of creating ananalysis engine. According to his calculations and planning this machine could perform all basic math as a suitable position such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division very quickly” (LaMorte& Lilly, n.d.).
“Between the years 1937 to 1942, the recognized professor at Iowa State University which name was Dr. Atanasoff was the first to create electronic digital computer with the help ofClifford Berry a graduate student and called his creation Atanasoff-Berry Computer or ABC.”(Maradey, 2004).For this reason, some authors believe that no single person that can be attributed with havinginvented the computer, but that was the effort of many people. Another computer development was promoted by war. “This was the ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, and was produced...
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