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Misioneros Vicentinos
Colegio “San Vicente”
“60 años dando vida al corazón de Ica”

First Conditional: Real possibility
We use the 1st Conditional in offers, suggestions, warnings and threats.
Examples: If we hurry, we will catch the bus.
(If present simple + futuresimple)
If we miss it, there will be another one.
A. Make the first conditional
1) If I _____________ (go) out tonight, I_____________ (go) to the cinema.
2) If you_____________ (get) back late, I _____________ (be) angry.
3) If we _____________ (not/see) each other tomorrow, we_____________ (see) each other next week.
4) If he _____________ (come), I_____________ (be) surprised.
5) If we _____________ (wait) here, we _____________ (be) late.
6) If we _____________ (go) on holiday this summer, we _____________ (go) to Spain.
7) If the weather _____________ (not/improve) , we _____________ (not/have) a picnic.
8) They _____________ (go) to the party if they _____________ (be) invited.
9) If I _____________ (not/go) to bed early, I_____________ (be) tired tomorrow.
10) If we _____________ (eat) all this cake, we _____________ (feel) sick

B. Click on the correct answer.
1. You ________ better if you turn on the lamp.
A. will be able to see B. are able to see
2.If I ________ some eggs, how many ________?
A. will cook / do you eat B. cook / will you eat
3. You ________ heart disease if you eat toomuch meat.
A. get B. will get
4. If a deer ________ into your garden, it ________ all your plants.
A. will get / eats B. gets / will eat
5. If you don't put so much sugar in your coffee, you ________ so much weight!
A. don’t put on B. won't put on
6. You won't pass the course if you ________.
A. don't study B. won't study
7. If we don't protect the elephant, it ________extinct.
A. will become B. becomes
8. You'll pay higher insurance if you ________ a sports car.
A. buy B. will buy
9. If you ________ an apple every day, you'll be very healthy.
A. eat B. will eat
10. She ________ completely different if she cuts her hair.
A. looks B. will look

C. Using the rules for first conditionals, complete the sentences below.
1. I _____ say anything ifyou _____.
a) don't... won't b) won't... don't
2. What _____ if you _____ get a job?
a) do you do... won't b) will you do... don't
3. If a soufflé _____ punctured or shaken it _____.
a) is... will collapse b) will be... collapses
4. If teachers _____ earn respect, students _____ give it.
a) don't... won't b) won't... don't
5. You _____ asked to leave if you _____ followthe rules.
a) are... won't b) will be... don't
6. If you _____ keep up with the payments, you _____ your home.
a) don't... will lose b) won't... lose
7. Ladybugs _____ fly if the temperature _____ below 13 degrees Celsius.
a) don't... will be b) won't... is
8. What _____ you get if you _____ a huge, hairy monster with a penguin?
a) do... will cross b) will... cross
9.We _____ your deposit if you _____ your reservation more than 7 days in advance.
a) return... will cancel b) will return... cancel
10. If the company _____ bankrupt, how _____ able to pay our bills and feed our families?
a) goes... will we be b) will go... are we

D. Put the correct form of each verb in brackets into the box.

1. If you ________________ (not study), you________________ (fail) the test.
2. We ________________ (die) if we ________________ (not get) help soon!
3. If you ________________ (look) in the fridge, you ________________ (find) some cold drinks.
4. If there ________________ (be) no oil in the engine, the car ________________ (break) down.
5. I (lend) you my umbrella if you (need) it.
6. The sea level ________________ (rise)...
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