Periodo prepatogenico del sida

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Student: Ana Yoali Juárez Benitez
Subject: Initial interaction in English
P.S.P: Silvia Pavón Santana
Group: 2107
 Time: Morning
1.-Number of inhabitants of Germany
It is more than 82 million inhabitants
2.-Language spoken in Germany
The German is the official language ofGermany language belonging to the Group of the West Germanic languages Indo-European . It is also one of the most important languages in the world and which has more native speakers in the European Union3.-Name of its capital
Germany is a Berlin
4.-Name of the President of Germany
Right now there is no President of Germany. [The former President, Horst on February 22, 1943], resigned from hispost on May 31, 2010. [Jens Böhrnsen on June 12, 1949], President of the Bundesrat and the Senate, and Mayor of Bremen, is interim President.
5.-Typical food of Germany

The typical food inGermany par excellence is the sausage, having in the country more than 1,500 types of different sausages, highlighting of Frankfurt are softer, Nuremberg are roasted and Bavaria which have theparticularity of being white. Each region has its gastronomic tastes and typical dishes
Other typical meals in Germany are the smoked fish, sauerkraut is a sour cabbage used to accompanymost dishes, also the cheeses of the region of Mainz, the famous strüdel, among others.
We can also find pork chops smoked, cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat, and frikadellen, which are smallfillets of minced meat.
Thinking about Germany, the first thing one remembers is that great wall of iron which divided the country for years, leaving a large imprint on the history not only Germansbut around the world, but Germany is much more than the memory of a wall. Its beautiful cities offer options for all tastes and up in the town the country's smallest you can enjoy unique, worthy to...
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