Conflict classes

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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Conflict Resolution Class

Date: Sep-24-2010

Read the following question and answer them individually

1. What are a group and its characteristics?
2.How does a grouping formed?
3. How can we distinguish a group as an entity?
4. What does group membership and personal identity mean in group theory?
5. What is inter group conflict?
6. What areinternal properties of group and inter group conflict main traits?


A group is formed by two or more people interacting freely with shared norms, a common identity and collectivegoals.
Types of Groups
Formal Groups. They are defined by the organization. They are created to help the organization achieve its objectives.
"Groups of command. It is represented in the chart as thegroup of subordinates reporting directly to a supervisor.
-Labor groups. Set of employees working together to complete a project or work.

Informal Groups. They are made primarily for reasons offriendship. Are not directly controlled by the organization but indirectly and that designing work areas is conditioning its creation on the basis of interaction and communication that occurs.Interest-groups. Arise when workers come together to address a specific issue (a common goal). P. ex. an equitable retirement plan. Interest groups disappear upon reaching the target.
"Groups of friendship.They have their origin in common issues such as age, ethnicity, hobbies, etc. They tend to develop activities outside work.

Reasons for informal groups appear
Work-related reasons. - Conrath:60% of face to face contacts are related to the duties performed. "There is little work to be done without some informal communication. - P.ex. Standardisation should be completed by the mutualadjustment if only to deal with unexpected changes.
Subjects of social nature. - People need to interact with each other, both for reasons of friendship and to release tension. In these cases, informal...
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