Conflictos relacionados con la religion

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What are the two primary sources of conflict related to religion? and why is dialogue among religions so important and what is needed in order to overcome religious conflict?
The book talks aboutdifferent kind of conflict: religion and social issues, religion and politics, religion and materialism, and religion and the future of humanity. Religion is also an essential element of the culturalidentity of many people but sometimes determines the exclusion of others which can cause conflicts.
In many cultures, religion is a key element in education and while children learn to read, they arealso taught basic beliefs, so religion is used to explain the world to children. Sometimes this religious education is not accompanied by sufficient training to respect diversity. In many societiestoday, religion is an important ingredient in cultural identity, which serves to differentiate themselves from others. It is an essential element that has shaped the history of many nations andtraditions and cultural traits set then conflicts with people of other religions and different ways of understanding the world come in place and social issues start rising. The religious wars in Europe inthe Modern Age, the bloody wars of religion, or Christians of different confessions undertaken between the sixteenth and ravaged Europe are examples of how religion can be an excuse for other interestsbut if dialogue among these religions are talked over, they can be used as a representation to amplify the differences between human groups and even to justify the atrocities of violence, war andterrorism.
Another conflict is religion, politics and economic ambition combined together can cause disagreements but the religious background could justify the aggression and more violent and brutalwar. For example, many German princes and kings saw in Lutheranism the perfect way to get rid of political control of the pope and his allies, and the payment of taxes to the Catholic Church, and a way...
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