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Conjugación | Inglés | Español |
1ª per. singular | I am talking | yo estoy hablando |
2ª per. singular | you are talking | tú estás hablando |
3ª per. singular | he is talking
she is talkingIt is talking | él está hablando
ella está hablando
(para objetos) |
1ª per. plural | we are talking | nosotros/as estamos hablando |
2ª per. plural | you are talking | vosotros/as estáishablando |
3ª per. plural | they are talking | ellos/as están hablando |

For refer to actions that are being developed at the same time it is spoken.

I am reading a book -> I'm reading a book(in right now)

We also use the present continuous to describe things that happen around the time when we're talking.

She is Studying English -> She is studying English (not just now)

We canuse the Present Continuous to refer to actions that have taken place with some Freq.

You are always working -> you’re always working (it does frequently)

When talking about a future actionwe have already decided that we will develop. In this case we mention the time in which we will develop the action.

I am going to Madrid next week - I'm coming to Madrid next week

Negation andinterrogation of the present continuous

To deny this continuous particle we have to put NOT between the auxiliary and main verb. For questions we must put first the assistant and then the personalpronoun.

I am not eating now -> I'm not eating now
Are you eating? -> Are you eating?

Formation of "present continuous": it is built with the present indicative of the verb "to be" in itsrole as an auxiliary verb, and the "present participle"(= gerund) the main verb.
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Afirmación | Negación | Interrogación |I am eating | I´m not eating | Am I eating? |
You are eating | You aren´t  eating | Are you eating? |
He / she is eating | He / she isn´t  eating | Is he/she eating? |
We are eating | We...