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Constructability Checklist
An Associated Builders and Contractors, Virginia Chapter [ABC-VA] membership survey of the most common drawing and specification problems is now the basis of this easy to use Constructability Checklist. Owners and Designers, use this helpful checklist before releasing your submission. It will help you save money, time, and frustration.

A publication of AssociatedBuilders and Contractors, Virginia Chapter, General Contractors Council

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Project Manual General Scope of Work, Contract, Conditions of the Contract, Instructions to Bidders Technical Specifications 2. Drawings General Title Blocks, Scales, Symbols, Abbreviations, Sheet # Geometry [Dimensions, Angles, Radii, Fixed Positions & Benchmarks, etc.] Civil Structural ArchitecturalConveyance Mechanical, General HVAC Plumbing Sprinkler Electrical 3. Life Safety 4. Interdisciplinary Coordination

ABC-VA would like to extend a special thanks to Peter J. Forella, Director of Consulting Services at Centex Construction Company, Inc. Mr. Forella assisted with the survey, analyzed the raw data, and generated on behalf of the General Contractors’ Council the attached document. 1. PROJECT MANUAL 1.22 Is the strategy for submittal processing, quality control, testing, inspections, and mock-ups suitable and adapted to the subject project? 1.23 Standards 1.23.1 Are appropriate standards of performance, quality and testing cited? 1.23.2 Do they correspond to what is specified and drawn? 1.23.3 Are they current? 1.23.4 Examples: UL standards, FM standards, ASTM standards?1.24 Products 1.24.1 Do all of the specified products match what is drawn or specified? 1.24.2 Examples: catalog numbers, model numbers and processes? 1.25 New Systems, Assemblies, Products unfamiliar to the local market or designer: 1.25.1 Has there been an adequate evaluation? 1.25.2 Will unwanted delays result? 1.25.3 Are the submittal requirements reasonable? 1.25.4 Has the Owner been advised ofthese issues? 1.26 Are the specifications formatted according to accepted standards of practice, such as CSI’s Manual of Practice, MasterFormat, SectionFormat and PageFormat? Non standard specification formats are not recommended. 1.27 Are the warranty strategies coordinated, clear and reasonable? When exposed to the intended uses and environments, such as traffic, solar radiation, thermal cyclesand moisture, will the completed construction achieve the life expected by the Owner? 1.28 Is there boilerplate content that has not been tailored to the subject project? 1.29 Sole source and/or proprietary specifications 1.29.1 Are there sole source and/or proprietary specification sections? 1.29.2 Are they necessary? 1.29.3 Will substitutes to proprietary specifications be accepted? 1.30 Has therelevant knowledge gained from problems recently experienced on previous projects been carried forward to the subject project? ADDITIONAL ISSUES [insert here]:

Reviewer’s Notes

2. DRAWINGS General 2.01 Are all of the views needed to construct provided, such as plans, elevations, sections, schedules, riser diagrams, and details? 2.02 Are all the necessary supplementary documents providedto define the relevant existing conditions, for example, land surveys, geotechnical, environmental? 2.03 Do all large scale plan views match the smaller scaled views? 2.04 Is the layout and content of each sheet clear, concise, make sense? 2.05 Is there adequate cross referencing? 2.06 Have matchlines been used only when absolutely necessary? 2.07 Is all built-in equipment scheduled? Are all of thenecessary rough-ins indicated? 2.08 Are all relevant plane transitions detailed? 2.09 Is there boilerplate content that has not been tailored to the subject project? 2.10 Have the subconsultant disciplines been combed for issues that are unsightly. For example, exposed work that should be concealed by an architectural finish? Title Blocks, Scales, Symbols, Abbreviations, Sheet # 2.11 Are all...
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