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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2010
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reformas laborales podrían promover una mayor creación del empleo en el futuro, las evidencias no indican que éstas hayan perjudicado excesivamente la creación deempleo en el pasado. De hecho, las evidencias presentadas en este informe sugieren que las oportunidades de empleo han disminuido cada vez más. Abstract: Theestimate of the unemployment rate is a critical determinant of regional development. Unemployment is not only a problem of labor demand and active policies to generatejobs. It is both a problem of supply, demand and income, which must be addressed with a global vision. Hence, the function of this article is to provide thisbasic and relevant information on the status and trends of key labor market indicators and their variation in time between the years 2005-2009 with surveys of a smallsample of the population in three municipalities in eastern Antioquia: La Ceja, La Union and Rionegro, including surveys that were made by internet. Basically itaims to contribute to the discussion with a review undertaken on indicators of unemployment and temporary variables so obtained. It also suggests an explanation ofthe theoretical concepts involved in the issue and the opinion people have about the actions taken by the government to reduce unemployment. The main finding isthat the jobless rate is always greater than the occupation, in conclusion, while labour reforms could promote more jobs in the future, the evidence does notindicate that they have harmed over the jobs in the past. In fact, the evidence presented in this report suggests that employment opportunities have decreased even more.
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