Contemporary architecture

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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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Contemporary architecture
Contemporary architecture is generally speaking the architecture being made at the present time.
Contemporary architecture or modern architecture is not actually based ona certain kind of buildings, it is not affected by a certain type of style.
Modern architecture is associated with some great architects and some big countries and companies. Some key ModernArchitects include Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright.
The contemporary architectures now, are post-modernists, neo-modernists, deconstructivists, contextualists,expressionists and so on.
Contemporary architectures are those who are comfortable with new materials and non-local materials and forms, using architectural language that is contemporary, which means notgenerally steeped in past.contemporary architecture has a great number of influences but it still tries to be inspirational, they use a lot of recycled materias because of the world’s status, and a lotof open spaces, they have visionary designs, they use special technology for materials, they connect indoor with outdoor spaces, etc.
For our final project, we are going to use a lot of recycledmaterial and use indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces. We are going to try to make as more modern as it can look. A great example could be trying to do the hotel at Dubai that in in the middle of thesea.
These are some of the ideas I have for the final project and was I researched about modern architecture. I think it is a very interesting thing and we can expect the best out of it if we put alot of effort into it.
Tania Larrinaga

What is going on these days
the primary difference now is that there is suddenly the need, not the desire, to build taller in city centres. Theproblem is city sprawl is costing the economy due to transportation issues. Costly subway lines Vs. high oil prices means that there is now a stronger need for people to live downtown, close to work and...
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