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Actions in Progress (18 sessions)
Unit Purpose
The purpose of this unit is to enable students to
give and obtain information aboutpossessions
and to describe actions that are in progress at the
moment of speaking.

Social Practice
Giving and obtaining factual information of a personal andnon-personal kind.

2.1. Asking and answering questions about personal possessions
2.2. Describing what people are wearing and/or doing at the moment of speakingSession 13 Describing your friends
Real life task: Talking about current actions.
Grammar: I’m reading a book. She’s eating a hotdog.
He’swriting a letter. She is not sitting.

Session 14 Having a conversation about current activities
Grammar: Mike is dancing and Susan is drinking soda.What is she doing?

Session 15 Guess Who [Using Images*]
Grammar: Is she drinking soda? Is she wearing skirt?
Yes she is. No she is not.

Session16 Writing a blog about a festival around the world
Grammar: They’re wearing beautiful carnival costumes
Everyone is singing, laughing and making alot of noise
Portfolio Activity: A poster about a chosen international festival.

Session 17 Inventing a project for charity
Grammar: They are helping, theyare sharing.
Portfolio Activity: Students at EST 62 are doing… they are selling… They are inviting… they are donating the money to…

Session 18 Writing a letterto your best friend
Grammar: I’m sending you a photo. I’m wearing.. She’s wearing…

Unit Project
Designing a school uniform
A brochure about school uniform.
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