Contract amendment

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Contract Amendment
Original contract created and signed on 02/02/2011
Parties to the contract; General Manger and ______________________, President.

This is an amendment to theoriginal agreement signed on 02/02/2011 by and between the parties mentioned above.

On this date both parties opted to exercise the right afforded by clause 12 of the original Agreement, in whichboth parties had the right to re-assess, and re-negotiate costs and expenditures. Both parties to this contract had the opportunity to consider all alternatives and options with ample time, thisamendment shall be enforceable and binding.

After addressing any and all concerns brought forth by _____Incorporated and its President ___________-, both parties agree to amend this contract as follows:Clause 1.7 of original agreement is hereby changed to state the following:
Amended Clause 1.7. _______________shall provide all clients who pay ______________er for a smog inspection the instantvehicle registration renewal service free of charge to client. This only includes the ___________ and ___________. All ___________ transactions are excluded from the free service, however, allclients shall have the option to pay __________________all regular applicable fees for any ________________that they may request. The Free of Charge refers to the regular applicable fee of $________That_____________ Charges all clients for renewing their _________-. The following, but not limited to, services are excluded from this clause and all fees shall apply should the client request theservice;
1.7.1 ____________
1.7.2 ______________________________________________________-.
1.7.3 Any and all fees due and payable to __________________and / or any of ____________affiliates and/ orbusiness partners.
1.7.4 All t_____________ transactions whether automated or not, or any other transactions that are walked in to a ____________ office for processing.

Clause 2. Of original...