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Antonio: Hello
Marco: oh! hello! sorry, who are you?
Antonio: my name is antonio ,and, what is you name?
Marco: my name is marco.
Antonio: nice to meet you marco
Marco: nice tomeet you too ,oh sorry this is my wife Cristina
Christina: Hi!
Antonio.- oh hi
Marco.- antonio, what is you hobbie antonio?
Antonio.- oh i like artial marts, like tae kwon do forexample, and yours?
Marco.- i like play soccer
Antonio.- what is your hobbie cristina?
Christina.- oh i like sing, very much!
Antonio.- ohh that's great!
Cristina.- yes, i love singevery kind of music it's so amazing
Antonio.- that's very good, well, i have to go, the work , you now, nice to meet you again boths of you, good bye
Cristina.- ok, take care, see yaMarco.- nice to meet you to, good bye

they are in a travel agency

Karla:! hi! my friend how are you?
Maria: fine thank you?
Karla: where are you going?
Maria: I am going topanama and you?
Karla: I too. we ask the employee for our tickets
Maria: good morning
employee: good morning. may I help you?
Maria: yes, thank you my name is Maria Cabello andshe is my friend Karla Marquez. She and I have a reservation in this travelin
agency employee: what kind of reservation?
Maria: we have a reservation to travel to panama
employee: oklet me check it
Karla: I need the tickets now
employee: here they are your ticks
Karla: thank you
employee: you are welcome
Maria and Karla: good bye
employee: good byePeter:Did you do the final exam yesterday?
Henry:Yes. But I think that I passed
Hudson: Well, Let's go to see the results. How're you feeling?
Henry: nervous! How about you Peter?Peter: Not brilliant but I passed.
Henry:Congratulations! And you Hudson?
Hudson: I'm surprised! I've a nine!
Hudson:Come on! Let's have a beer. I'll pay!
Henry: OK
Peter: Excelent idea!
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