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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Ingrid > I
Ruth > R
Juan Jose > J

J. Hello, Princess Hotel, Juan Jose Gantes speaking, May I Help You?
I. Good Morning. I’d Like to make a Reservation, Please?J. OK. Can you give me your name, please?
I. Yea. My name is Ingrid Osarca.
J. Ok. Miss Osarca. Which is your reservation?
I. I’d like a double room with a balcony and bar, please?J. Ok. Let me see what Do we have Available…
Well, are available the 509 in the fifth floor, the 903 in the ninth floor and the 305 in the third floor. The costs in these are $300 per night.Which one would you like?
I.The 509 is Ok.
J. Ok. How many days you gonna stay?
I. I’m gonna be for a week, it’s my anniversary?
J. Well, were glad to having you in the princess.Anything else that you’d like to add?
I. Yea. Which are the services that you have?
J. Well, we have a salon spa, an olimpic pool, game room, paint room, gotcha, and a lot of vacation packages.For more details I’m gonna click you with the services manager, that gonna give you the costs and information about all the services that the princess have to offer. Wait a minute please…
I.Ok Thank you.
R. Good Afternoon, Princess Hotel. Irene speaking Can I Help You?
I. Hello, I´d like some information the service of Princess Hotel. Are there any disabled facilities inthe hotel?
R. Yes there are. We have plenty of facilities the service in the hotel.
I. Good. Is there a car park?
R. Yes, there is a large car park. Guests can reserve a parking spaceover the phone.
I. Right. Are there a Internet Access.
R. Yes, there are. We have plenty of facilities, and satellite TV, and air-condition and cloak room. The Restaurant 40 seat servesinternational cuisine and serve a la carte the menu. Shops and exchange bureau in the hotel lobby and desk information.

I.That´s fine. I´d like to book a room if that´s ok.
R. At your Service.
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