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Workspace tour
Welcome to CorelDRAW®, a comprehensive vector-based drawing and graphic-design program for the graphics professional. The projects you create in CorelDRAW are called drawings. In this tutorial, you will use the tools provided by CorelDRAW to create a simple drawing.

What you will learn
This tutorial introduces you to the workspace of CorelDRAW. As you practice drawing objects,you'll learn to use the following tools: • • • • • • • toolbar toolbox property bar Help flyouts dockers mouse commands

You’ll also learn how to create a workspace that has customized toolbars.

Using the toolbar to start a drawing
The toolbar displays by default and contains buttons that are shortcuts to many of the menu commands. In the following procedure, you will use the toolbar tostart a drawing. 1 On the toolbar, click the New button to start a new drawing.

By default, this creates a drawing page with a width of 8.5 inches and a height of 11 inches. 2 From the Zoom levels list box, choose To height. This fits the height of the drawing page inside the drawing window.

Using a flyout to draw rectangles
The toolbox contains the tools used to create, fill, and modify yourdrawing. When you work in CorelDRAW, you will often need to use tools in flyouts. A flyout displays when you hold down a tool that has a small black triangle in the bottom-right corner.

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CorelDRAW tutorial

Tutorial: Workspace tour
Now, you’ll use the Rectangle flyout to draw a rectangle. CorelDRAW offers two ways to draw certain kinds of shapes, such as rectangles andellipses: you can drag, or you can specify height and width. In this case, you’ll specify the rectangle’s height and width.

To draw a rectangle by specifying width and height
1 Open the Rectangle flyout , and click the 3 point rectangle tool .

2 Draw the width of the rectangle by dragging and then releasing the mouse button. 3 Move the mouse up until the rectangle is the height you want, andclick.

Using the property bar to modify an object
The property bar is a bar with commands that relate to an active tool. For example, when you click the 3 point rectangle tool, the property bar displays commands relevant to creating and editing rectangles. 1 Specify the following dimensions in the Object(s) size boxes • • width — 8.5 height — 1.4 on the property bar:

2 Click in the drawingwindow.

Using the Help to add color to your rectangle
CorelDRAW has extensive Help that you can use when you are unsure how to perform a task. In this procedure, you'll use the Help to get instructions on using a solid color as the background for your drawing. 1 Select the rectangle with the Pick tool 2 Click Help menu Help topics. .

3 Click the Index tab. In the box, type the word objects. 4Click the index entry applying uniform fills to. The procedure To apply a uniform fill displays. 5 Follow the step-by-step instructions to set the background of your drawing to a solid color. In step 4, use the following values: • • • • C — 19 M—3 Y—8 K—0

6 Close the Help. Page 2 of 9 CorelDRAW tutorial

Tutorial: Workspace tour
Using a flyout to remove an object’s outline
1 Select therectangle with the Pick tool. 2 Open the Outline flyout tool . , and click the No outline

This is what the drawing should look like:

Using the toolbox to add text
In the following procedure, you will use the toolbox’s Text tool to add text to a page. You can add two different kinds of text: artistic text and paragraph text. Artistic text is used for short blocks of text that can have effectsapplied to them, whereas paragraph text is used for larger blocks of text that can be extensively formatted. 1 In the toolbox, click the Text tool .

2 Click in the rectangle, and type Ipsum. The word Ipsum displays in artistic text. 3 Above and to the left of Ipsum, drag to create a paragraph text frame, and type Lorem. The word Lorem displays in paragraph text. 4 In the toolbox, click the Pick...
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