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The Irish food is Irish stew, and you should try the bacon and cabbage (boiled together in water). Although some boxty, a potato pancake, is another traditional dish is very tasty. Another special dish that is especially Dublin coddle, consisting of sausages cooked pork. Ireland is famous Irish breakfast, you should also try a fried (or grilled) which includes lots of food ingeneral, bacon, egg, sausage, black and white pudding, fried tomato and which may also include fried potato slices or potato farls fried.

Although they should not try Colcannon is a dish traditionally made the potato and kale, cabbage or sometimes as it is very heavy. What if you should try is the champ mashed potato is chopped in the scallions (green onions) mix is very tasty if the mashedpotatoes have a lot of consistency.

While seafood has always been consumed by the Irish seafood dishes have increased in popularity in recent times, especially due to the high quality of seafood available on the coast of Ireland, for example, Dublin Bay prawns, oysters ( many oyster festivals are held annually around the coast, where oysters are often served with Guinness, the most notable of whichis held every September in Galway) and other crustaceans. A good example of a seafood casserole Dublin's Irish Bar - Lobster cooked in whiskey and cream. Salmon and cod are perhaps the two most common types of fish used.

Traditional Irish breads include soda bread, wheat bread, farls soda, and blaa, a doughy white bread roll particular to Waterford.


St. Patrick's Day is areligious holiday and the anniversary of St. Patrick. This feast has been celebrated by many people for hundreds of years in Ireland as a religious holiday. The city of Boston was the first to publicly celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the United States in 1737. In 1762, the city of New York had its first stop in San Patricio and Ireland now use the holiday as an opportunity to increase tourism and tohold Ireland in the world. St. Patrick's Festival in Dublin, Ireland is a celebration of multiple stops many concerts, plays and open-air shows and fireworks.

San Patricio, whose name was Maewyn, it is believed that the island was born in Wales in 385 AD. After he was sold as a slave and escaped, Patrick was named the second bishop of Ireland, where he served for 30 years. He died on 17 March461 AD. Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland is believed to contributed to the Christianization of Ireland.

The shamrock is a traditional icon of St. Patrick's Day. This belief should be that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the mystery of the Trinity. It is said that he used the shamrock in his sermons to explain how the Father, the Son and the Holy Spiritcould be separate elements exist in the same entity. Today clover leaves should be carried on clothing on St. Patrick's Day.

Another legendary figure is an elf. Nome is a sort of Irish, represented as a little old. According to Irish legend these beings live alone and spend their time making shoes. Duende is said of these small but many hidden treasures of gold and if caught must reveal thesecret of his treasure. But you should not lose sight of them because if they escape escape also hopes to get the treasure. These elves are traditionally associated with St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. These elves are an American invention and are recognized as symbols of St. Patrick's Day.

Do not forget to use the green on St. Patrick's Day and celebrate with fireworks safety Phantom.


Northern of Ireland
The beauty of Northern Ireland is intertwined with its tragic history, rich culture, and the well-known friendliness of its people.

The wild craggy mountains, splendid lakes and dramatic coastline make it the ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts, walkers, bike, heights, climbing and sailing.

But there are many things you can do and waiting for...
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