Crepusculo capitulo 1 (en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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First sight
The first chapter, talks about Bella, who’s goes to live with her father to Forks. She went to live to a place which she doesn’tlike at all, she just hates it. She about how’s she feeling about leave her home and how she’s gonna misses her mother and the shiny California.Talksabout, Bella’s first time in her new school, how were the people and how many afraid was. When she was at lunch where she was with their new ones teammates andshe saw a guy who’s attracted her, with the name of Edward. He was with his family two girls and two boys more, they had features fine, they were like modelsor angels. She asked about those guys to her new teammate, who were so perfect, the girl told her, that they were the Cullen, Bella was a little impressedabout them, because they weren’t with someone else who wasn’t of their family, and because actually they were acting different than the others. After thelunch, she goes to her biology class, when she are there see Edward, he's in that class, and Bella sits next to him, but in the class Edward started actingweird, and she feels really uncomfortable with him next to her. When the class is over, Edward goes out so fast, how no one, he went the first one to left theclassroom, Bella just couldn’t understand why he acted like that. When all the classes finished, she went to the main office, to give to the secretary hersheet with the sign of all the teachers of she has, and when she gets in the office, she find Edward, trying to chanced his biology class for something else.
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