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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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It is a physiotherapy technique based on the application of cold on organisms with therapeutic purposes. The cold application on body removes his heat, while cooling. The intensity ofaction depends of various factors such as the thermal difference between the agent and the skin and the speed at which it applies. The faster and cooler, more therapeutic effect. The best resultswere obtained in short applications to 3 or 5 minutes but this depends of body’s ability to withstand the cold.

Their therapeutic effects can be resumed as: Antiinflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic,and edema reabsorption.

This technique is indicate for people that have appendicitis, acute peritonitis, vomits, because it relaxes the stomach.
Mechanical traumas like contusions, fractures,muscle tears, hematomas, because it reduces edemas and pain, also in cases of vascular inflammations, (migraines, head pains….), sunstrokes, to reduce fever, acute tendonitis and post surgical to reduceedemas.

The contraindications of this technique are allergies to cold, vascular problems, diabetes, raynaud syndrome, vasculitis, urticaria due to cold, criglobulemia, hypersensitivity to cold,severe cardio vascular sickness and renal and visceral sickness.

The most used application techiniques are: criocinesisterapia: a combination of chryotherapy and quinesistherapy, colloid bags (Fig.1),cold water (Fig.2), aerosols (Fig.3), ice bags (Fig.4), cold compresses (Fig.5), cold baths (Fig.6), contrast baths, cold wraps with water or alcohol (Fig.7), immersion in ice water (Fig.8), coldroom (Fig.9), cold jets, chloride of lime (Fig.10) and methyl fluoride

Fig 1. Colloid bags

Fig.2 Cold Water

Fig.3 Aerosols

Fig.4 Ice Bags

Fig.5 Cold compressesFig.6 Cold baths

Fig.7 Cold wraps

Fig.8 Immersion in ice water

Fig.9 Cold room

Fig.10 Chloride of lime

No special preparation is necessary for the application of...
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