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The St Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries that has been implanted in other countries along the 20th century principally in that the lovers, boyfriends or spousesexpress his love and fondness mutually. It is celebrated on February 14, onomastic of Saint Valentine. In some countries it is known as St Valentine's Day and in others as Day of the Love and theFriendship At present it is celebrated by means of the exchange of notes of love known like "valentines", with symbols as the form of the heart or of Cupid, though with the Internet summit there has spreadthe habit of exchanging virtual postcards. Also on this day there is common the tradition of giving roses to those persons to whom a special affection is had. From the 19th century in England it beganthe exchange of postcards produced massively. To this practice it added to give another type of gifts like roses and chocolates normally given by the men to the women. In The United States, thiscelebration also was started associating with a greeting of platonic love of "Happy Valentine's", sent by the men his friends. The gift of roses is common between the boyfriends, friends and / orrelatives,

The explanations are speculative of a " ancient sentimental custom ", which appears as a historical fact, it has his origin in the antiquarians of the 17th century, specially in AlbanButler, author of Butler's Lives of Saints (life of saints, of Butler) and they have perpetuated it up to respectable historians. Very notably, " the idea of which the habit of celebrating the StValentine's Day comes from the Roman Lupercalia has been accepted by some critiques and has been repeated of varied ways up to the current importance ".Some of them believe that it is a holidayChristianized of the paganism, since in the former Rome the adoration was realized to the god of the love, which Greek name was Eros and whom the Romans were calling A Cupid. In this celebration the favors of...
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