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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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Once upon a time, a farmer who worked hard for help his sick mother and his sisters, He had heard that there was a palace far away, this hadgreat treasures. As he saw more and more sick to his mother, was in search of the castle. In the way he met a lion devouring almost, but ihe was morestrong that lion, next continued searching but then, he lost in a maze, but fortunately he found a hare, that it helped him to find the exit, asthe farmer had fed him when this was dying. 
It said the road to find the castle, but also advise “when you enter, you'll see a passage, andultimately this would have two doors, one on the left and one right. In the left would have great treasures never before seen by man, but on the rightwould have something special, that probably was not pure gold, but would bring much happiness. He also said that if the other door would be sealedforever. 
So the farmer went his way and when he finally found the castle, ran through the hallway and saw the two doors. I did not know that goingin, but thought "Happiness is more important than gold" 
When he opened the right door he found the hare, which immediately transformed into abeautiful princess, he was impressed and in loved instantly. Then the princess said: "Being very brave and humble, I give my kingdom and my love. From that day the farmer became a king of a great palace, living happily with his new wife, his mother and brothers, away from the sadness. 
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