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Running Time: About 45 minutes
Flexible Cast of About 24-39
(39 roles listed below - 10 Female, 7 Male, 23 F/M
*NEPTUNE (King of Mermen) (M, 39 lines)
NEPTUNE #1 (M, 18 lines)
NEPTUNE #2 (M, 21 lines) 
*MARLIN (Marquis) (M/F, 41 lines)
MARLIN #1 (M/F, 29 lines)
MARLIN #2 (M/F, 12 lines)
GILL (M/F, 20 lines)
OCTO (M/F, 20 lines)
MACK(M/F, 20 lines)
FLOW (M/F, 20 lines) 
PEARL (M/F, 20 lines)
SEAL (M/F, 20 lines)
*ODESSA (Queen of Humans) (F, 42 lines)
ODESSA #1 (F, 23 lines)
ODESSA #2 (F, 19 lines)
CECIL (M/F, 11 lines) 
SNICKER (M/F, 10 lines)
SNEAK (M/F, 10 lines)
*ARUBA (Flamingo) (M/F, total 67 lines)
ARUBA #1 (M/F, 27 lines)
ARUBA #2 (M/F, 25 lines)
ARUBA #3 (M/F, 15 lines)
*FINNY (Fish) (M/F,total 65 lines)
FINNY #1 (M/F, 21 lines)
FINNY #2 (M/F, 27 lines)
FINNY #3 (M/F, 14 lines)
*ANNABELLE (Mermaid Princess) (F, total: 47 lines + song)
ANNABELLE #1 (F, 10 lines)
ANNABELLE #2 (F, 6 lines)
ANNABELLE #3 (F, 14 lines + song)
ANNABELLE #4 (F, 14 lines)
ANNABELLE #5 (F, No lines, very significant movement.)
ANNABELLE #6 (F, 3 significant lines, movement)
CALICO JACK(M/F, 19 lines, sings)
CAPTAIN SLAPPY (M/F, 19 lines, sings) 
BILLY BONES (M/F, 18 lines, sings)
SCURVY DOG (M/F, 17 lines, sings)
*PRINCE EDWARD (M, 35 lines)
PRINCE #1 (M, 20 lines)
PRINCE #2 (M, 15 lines)
DUKE of CHARLESTON (M, 23 lines)
PHILIPPE (Chef) (M/F, 13 lines + song)
MISS CALLALOO (F, 14 lines)
GINGER (F, 13 lines)
NUTMEG (F, 12 lines)
REV GUMBO(Preacher) (M/F, 8 lines)
*PERFORMERS (M/F, 21 lines)
*ANNABELLE is broken into 6 parts because you will probably have lots of girls who'd like to be the Little Mermaid.  These parts may be combined for a smaller cast.
*NEPTUNE, MARLIN, ODESSA & PRINCE are fairly large roles that can be divided into two parts, as suggested, if necessary.  However, if you want to retain larger roles forparticularly advanced players you may choose to have these played by just one actor.
*PERFORMERS are young people seated in the front row that surrounds the playing area.  They are always involved and often sing, speak together and play percussion instruments as part of the production, as indicated in the script.  They may also be assigned to play the above characters in addition to their participationas PERFORMERS.
*ARUBA and FINNY may be represented by puppets: ARUBA, the flamingo, may have a hat like headpiece with a super long pink neck that snakes above his head with a stick attached at the throat/neck. The performer uses the stick to turn the bird's head when he speaks. The performer uses a kazoo and toots on it whenever ARUBA is excited or needs to show emphasis.  FINNY, the fish, maybe represented by a windsock on a pole.  The performer hovers the windsock overhead during conversation and sails and swoops through the air, as if swimming, when excited.
New lyrics are set to these familiar tunes:
"Blow the Man Down" (SAILORS) - Traditional sea shanty.
"Brahms Lullaby" (ANNABELLE) - Classical composition.
"Alouette" (PHILIPPE) - Traditional French folk song."Wedding March" (GINGER, NUTMEG, PERFORMERS) - Traditional.

The Little Mermaid - Script

(An ocean. Birds are flying and porpoises are swimming happily. From the fog a ship appears crashing through the waves)
Sailors: I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it's hey to the starboard, heave ho
Look out, lad, a mermaid be waitin' for you
In mysterious fathoms below.
Eric: Isn't thisgreat? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face . . . a perfect day to be at sea!
Grimsby: (Leaning over side.) Oh yes . . . delightful . . . .
Sailor 1: A fine strong wind and a following sea. King Triton must be in a friendly-type mood.
Eric: King Triton?
Sailor 2: Why, ruler of the merpeople, lad. Thought every good sailor knew about him.
Grimsby: Merpeople! Eric, pay no attention to...