Cultural differencias francia y mexico

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I - Introduction 2

II - Comparison of two cultural dimensions 2

III - How it can affect the relationship at work 8

• The positive aspect of the Mexican cultural orientation 8

• The negative aspect of the Mexican cultural orientation 8

IV - Suggestions of solutions 9

V - What are the Mexican overdo ? 12

VI - Conclusion 12


I - IntroductionDuring our Engineering degree’s year, we are required to carry out a three months long industrial work placement abroad. I had the opportunity to achieve my internship within a French company which has a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Beyond the professional experience, I could find out another culture and lifestyle. Thanks to the meeting of some Mexican persons, I spent a greatinternship, as well in my work as in life outside it. Nevertheless, I have been stricken by some existing cultural differences between France and Mexico.

Through this report, I propose you to identify, understand, compare and assess my own culture and the Mexican culture. I will analyse the differences and explain how it can affect the relationship at work. Then, I will suggest differentsolutions that will make the working conditions and relationship easier. Finally, I will determine which cultural dimensions Mexicans are overdoing.


II - Comparison of two cultural dimensions

Companies are increasingly recognising that in order to grow, diversify and retain a competitive advantage, intercultural management skills are critical. For example, the Frenchcompanies established in Mexico know a lot of problems and conflicts because of their management “à la Française”. To successfully live or do business in Mexico, it is important to enter the world of the Mexican, and be open to the fact that your assumptions about how things are done, often are not true. To understand better the Mexican culture, it exists different ways and tools.

In class weused the COF (Cultural Orientations Framework), which is an integrative framework designed to assess and compare cultures. It includes a range of cultural dimensions/orientations grouped in seven categories. In the following pages, I will use this tool to compare my own culture and the Mexican culture.

|1 - Sense of power and responsibility|
| |
| |
| |
| |
|In many of the Latin American countries, including Mexico, the population is predominantly Catholic. The combination of Catholicism |
|and the cultural dimensions reinforce a philosophy predicated in the belief that there is an absolute “Truth”. In reference to my |
|experience, for the Mexicanpeople, the life is essentially a matter of fate. |

|2 - Time management approaches |
| |
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