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The culture of Quebec
* is a Wester culture that is rooted in the history and society of the French-speaking majority. As the only region in North America with a French-speaking majority and asone of only two provinces in Canada where the French language is a constitutionally-recognized official language (New Brunswick being the other), the culture of French speaking Quebecers (5.88million) differs from that of the remaining citizens of Canada (32.5 million), the United States to the south, and France.
* For historical and linguistic reasons, francophone Quebec also has culturallinks with other North American French-speaking communities, particularly with the Acadians of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Franco-Ontarian communities in Eastern Ontario, and to a lesser extent withthe French Canadian communities of northern Ontario and Western Canada and the Cajun French revival movements in Louisiana, United States. As of 2006, 79% of all Quebecers have French as their mothertongue or speak mostly French at home [1]; since French is the official language in the province, up to 95% of all residents know and use French in their daily activities [2].
* History madeQuebec a meeting place for cultures, where people from around the world experience America, but from a little distance and through a different eye.[citation needed The culture of Quebec is connected to thestrong cultural currents of the rest of Canada, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom all at the same time. As such, it is often described as a crossroads between Europe and America. TheEncyclopædia Britannica describes contemporary Quebec culture as a post-1960s phenomenon resulting from the Quiet Revolution, an essentially homogeneous socially liberal counter-culture phenomenonsupported and financed by both of Quebec's major political parties, who differ essentially not in a right-vs-left continuum but a federalist-vs-sovereignist/separatist continuum.

The culture the...
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