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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2011
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Report # 1

August 31 2011
1st semester
The Great Dry State of Texas
By: Hilary Hilton/Austin

In this report I`m talking about the drought in Texas that scares the farmers and all thepopulation. The nine months from October 2010 until August from this year were one of the driest months in Texas.
Because of that the agriculture went down and it had repercussions beyond the stateborders. Because the plants, vegetables and fruits never grow. Because there was few water for them to grow up.
Also the rivers and lakes were with few water so they cant supply water for all thecountries and some of them didn’t have enough water to take a shower or wash their cars etc.
I think that this happens because we don’t take care about the earth we think that we will have everythingalways but it´s not like that. The earth is changing because of us.

Report #2
Valeria Valdez Alvarado
August 31 2011
1st semester
Reading while Eating/ Blinding me with science
By: Megan FriedmanOnce Upon a Tablet: The Infinite Adventure Machine is an iPad app that creates random folk tales. Talk about a 21st-century spin on bedtime stories.
Weird Science: As he hits the campaign trail,aiming for the GOP nomination for president, Rick Perry may have to defend some serious scientific missteps. (Healthland)
Hipster Hurricane: You can do more with an iPhone camera than just postpictures of your cat on Facebook. Check out these great shots of Hurricane Irene's aftermath using the Instagram app. (LIFE)
Not for the Squeamish: A man miraculously is doing fine after falling, eye-first,onto a pair of pruning shears. Check out the crazy X-ray photo. (The Daily What)

Report #3
Valeria Valdez Alvarado
September 8 2011
1st semester
Top 10 things you didn’t know about Labor dayBy: TIMES magazine
1. No one really knows who invented it
2. The first labor day celebration was in New York
3. Labor Day was almost May 1
4. President Cleveland didn’t like...
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