Current problems

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Current world problems
Today we can see that in the world are bringing about great changes both in the economic, political, cultural and social. Faced with these changes, we are obligedto think about what our role that we play in this new century. The main problems are: hunger, poverty, global warming, violence, the concentration of power in few hands, racism, drugabuse, immigration and religions.
The problem of hunger lies, then, two basic questions: firstly, that the rich countries to increase their contributions to finance such programs andsecondly that countries have adequate policies to improve the situation of their populations and to use receiving adequate support.
Attacking the problem of poverty is a necessity not only forhumanitarian reasons but also for economic reasons. Poverty is a vicious circle, with serious effects on the quality and standards of living of the poor, also affects in the developmentand political stability.
The problem of global warming refers to the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere. These gases form a layer between the sun and the earth, creating thegreenhouse effect. Much of these gases, are created by humans.
The concentration of power in few hands is the existence of, easy money and abundant that only destroys production, aggravatingthe ecological degradation and leads to the misery of millions of people, in conclusion, it leads to many of the problems mentioned above.

Racism is one of the biggest problems, wheresome people do not have the same rights, such as: getting work, study, share with others. It's sad on how people discriminate and talk bad about another person.
People addicted to drugsare subject to a compulsive use of the substance, and can not stop using it for themselves. Require treatment in order to end this compulsive behavior. These people are increasing nowadays.
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